Improve the Life of Your Batteries with Xtender

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Give your Lead-Acid Batteries a Second Life

Recondition Forklift Batteries with Xtender

Do you have forklift batteries that are losing their charge quickly and impacting productivity? You may not need to replace your batteries, allow the battery experts at Burns to restore your batteries with our battery reconditioning service. We are the only northeast Ohio forklift dealer that provides this cost-saving technology. The Xtender is an all-in-one unit capable of discharging, recharging and restoring any lead-acid battery with up to 3,000 Amp-hours.

The machine takes your battery and performs a full battery restoration with two complete discharge and recharge cycles. The process captures all operational data and creates analysis reports with details of initial and final battery capacity.

How Does it Work?

The Xtender reverses hard sulfur crystalization by high-frequency pulses to reverse the sulfur to the original active solution. Typical restoration is six cycles with two full discharges to create a fully charged battery. The detailed report shows the original and final levels of the battery. Regeneration allows you to restore used, sulfated batteries back to 80-100% productivity levels.

Battery Sulfation

Although sulfation is a normal part of the chemical reaction within a lead-acid battery, it is responsible for over 80% of all lead-acid battery failures. Normal levels of sulfation are broken down during regular charging cycles. However, when it builds up and larger crystals form that affix themselves to the lead plates, they rob battery capacity. The battery loses its ability to fully charge which decreases equipment run time and increases labor costs. At this stage, the sulfate crystals cannot be broken down by charging alone.

Sulfation May Be Caused by the Following:

  • Discharging your battery too deeply
  • Battery aging
  • Opportunity charging
  • Fast charging
  • Long periods of inactivity
  • Improper battery watering
  • High temperatures (over 75°F / 24°C)
  • Use of an incorrect battery charger

Sulfation Indicators

Sulfation may appear as terminal corrosion on the exterior of your battery or it may present itself in more subtle ways like:

  • Shorter run times between charges
  • Excessive heat build-up
  • Taking more/less time to charge
  • Battery failure

Minimize Sulfation

Improve Your Battery Health

The all-in-one Xtender discharges, desulfates, and recharges lead-acid (flooded, AGM, Gel) batteries giving them a second life, reducing new battery purchase cycles, and providing a more environmentally friendly solution by limiting production waste.

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