Finding the right equipment for your warehousing or material handling business can improve your output and boost your employees’ productivity. When you give them high-quality forklifts to use on the job, they can perform their work more efficiently, saving you time and money. A well-run facility completes tasks more quickly and allows you to take on additional customers. 

Maintaining that productivity depends on having the right equipment available. Burns Industrial Equipment offers forklift services throughout Ohio, and we serve Canton with used forklifts for sale, forklift rental and parts replacement. Whether you want to buy a new forklift or get repairs on an existing one, we can assist you. 

Our team can identify the right equipment to buy based on your company’s situation. We ask questions to help determine what make and model will be the best fit, such as: 

  • Where do you plan to use the forklift — inside or outside? 
  • How wide are the doors and aisles at your facility? 
  • How long will you use the forklift every day? 
  • Do you need any special accessories? 

Once you have narrowed your choices, you can find a forklift that will become an essential part of your employees’ daily routine.

New Sales

For many customers, a new forklift is the best purchase. New forklifts have the most advanced technology available, allowing you to increase your efficiency further. We sell top brands such as Yale, Mariotti and Hyster. Our forklifts have ergonomic properties to make them fit more comfortably with your employees, and they also offer energy-saving options. The forklifts we sell include: 

Used Sales

In some cases, a used model may be the better choice for your company. If you need a forklift that will fit your budget or want familiar design features your team is already used to, a used forklift may fit the bill. We put our used equipment through a 200-point Tough Test Program, ensuring it meets all your needs and will continue operating for a long time. You pay less for used equipment and still get the functional elements you desire. 


Rentals provide an excellent short-term solution when you want a forklift for a distant job or have a sudden need for new equipment. When you rent, you don’t need to worry about things like where to store the forklift for long durations or ownership costs such as new parts. 

Parts and Service

If the forklifts you own need parts and repairs, we can assist with those as well. You can receive competitive pricing and a wide selection of parts, including industrial batteries & chargers and the area’s largest inventory of industrial truck tires. We provide fast standard delivery and can even give you next-day delivery in emergencies. Additionally, our maintenance and repair services can help your fleet function effectively day in and day out. Burns Industrial Equipment has over 50 field technicians in Ohio which means help is just around the corner. 

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