When you have a material handling facility, you need all your equipment running efficiently to get your jobs done well. The right equipment can make your team more productive and help you meet internal and external deadlines. Malfunctioning equipment slows you down and costs your employees time. 

You can find the forklifts you need from Burns Industrial Equipment. We offer a range of services available to businesses in Youngstown, including forklift rentals, used forklifts for sale and forklift parts. Having the right machine can decrease your employees’ downtime and save you money. 

Whether you are considering a rental or buying, you should know what type of forklift you want. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • Is there a particular manufacturer you prefer? 
  • What will you primarily use the forklift for? 
  • Will you need to use the forklift indoors or outdoors? 
  • How high does the forklift have to lift? 

The answers can help you determine what type of forklift will best meet your needs. 

New Sales

Investing in a new forklift offers many advantages. You can use the machine for a long time, and it will be in excellent condition, with less chance of needing repairs in the short term. Your company can also buy one of the latest models on the market, giving you advanced technology. The types of forklifts we offer include: 

Used Sales

Buying used forklifts also provides many advantages. They may fit within your budget more effectively, often costing much less than a new model. Your team may be familiar with a certain type of equipment, and you could find a used version available that they will already know how to operate. You can trust the used equipment you purchase from Burns Industrial Equipment. We run each piece through our 200-point Tough Test Program before selling it. 


Sometimes you need a forklift far away from your usual job site, or the need for the forklift arises suddenly. In these cases, a rental may be the most efficient choice. You can use the rental for as long as you need it and then return it without incurring any ownership costs, such as repairs. Renting also means you don’t need to find long-term storage for the equipment.

Parts and Service

Sometimes equipment breaks down. When you need your forklifts serviced in Youngstown, come to us. Burns Lift has over 50 field technicians in Ohio which means help is just around the corner. We have chargers, batteries, tires and more available to you, and we even offer emergency next-day delivery when you need a part quickly to stay on schedule. You can enjoy central ordering and a wide selection of forklift parts. We also provide training programs to help your employees learn to operate new equipment. 

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