MMX-858K-P UltraMix® Mortar Mixer Toro

Toro’s UltraMix® mortar mixer is the ultimate in mixing performance. Together, the symmetrical drum design and patented paddle configuration provide more paddle and drum contact with the mortar for a faster, more blended mix. The 8 cubic foot MMX-858K-P has a Kohler engine and durable Polyethylene drum for versatility and productivity around any size jobsite.

Paddle Design

Patented paddle design moves mix back and forth horizontally as well as in the circular motion, to create a smoother, more uniform mixture for greater efficiency.

Drum Design

Symmetrical drum design eliminates mixing dead zone and increases mortar contact with the drum and paddles for a thorough, smooth mix.

Cowl Design

Cowl venting design provides better air flow to cool the engine during use while protecting the engine and drive train from debris.

8 cu. ft. (.23 m3)

66″x34″x56″ (168 x 86 x 142 cm)

Kohler 9.5hp (gross)

560 lbs (254 kg)



322000001 – 322999999

  • Durable polyethylene drum is 0.5 inches thick for superior strength to combat warpage and withstand the rental market
  • Powerful 9.5 gross horsepower Kohler engine with large capacity 1.85 gal. fuel tank.
  • Open engine cowl allows the operator easy access to start the engine without the need to lift the cowl
  • Raised tow pole for easier lifting, moving and trailering
Equipment Type
Concrete and Masonry