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Browse our selection of high-quality forklifts from JCB, Utilev, Bendi, Drexel, and Seegrid. Available at all Burns Industrial Equipment locations, Seegrid’s vision guided pallet jacks and tow tractors add superior navigability, safety, and reliability to any warehousing operation, while Utilev internal combustion forklifts provide raw power for handling heavy materials. Visit us in Wheatland, PA and Cleveland, OH for agile Bendi forklifts and versatile Drexel lift trucks. Our Cleveland location also stocks rough terrain forklifts from JCB.

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Our Versatile Forklift Offerings

JCB, UTILEV, Bendi, Drexel, and Seegrid products offer variety and quality to meet a myriad of materials handling needs. For heavy duty applications, JCB rough-terrain equipment with high load capacities will get the job done. Looking for easy maneuverability in narrow aisle environments? We carry a selection of Bendi forklifts to help you navigate any stockroom or warehouse. Seegrid specialty pallet trucks and tow tractors bring advanced, vision-guided capabilities to your fleet. Dependable articulated and swing mast forklifts from Drexel are available in multiple sizes and load capacities. When it comes to pallet movers, we stock UTILEV models with both 20.5” and 27” forks.

Our Forklift Dealership Locations

Burns Industrial Equipment carries a variety of JCB, UTILEV, Bendi, Drexel, and Seegrid equipment at our full-service dealership locations. Are you faced with a unique materials handling challenge? Our experienced team can help you select a specialty lift truck to meet your needs. Give us a call, or visit us today in Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; Charleston, WV; Wheatland, PA; or Luke, MD!