MB-1600 Mud Buggy® Toro

The Mud Buggy® offers versatility and flexibility to any task. Its compact size and maneuverability allow you to dump material in tough to reach areas. And, its capacity to hold up to 16 cubic-feet of material make your job more productive. Operation around your job site is also simple, safe, and controlled with the patented ride-on operator platform and dual-action dump pedal.

Foam Filled Tires

Foam-filled tires are extremely durable to keep you running on tough terrain and minimize downtime.

Dual-Action Dump Pedal

Dual-action dump pedal dumps and returns the tub with a foot pedal, so there is no need to remove hands from handlebars to discharge material for easy operation.

16 cu. ft. (0.45 cu. m.)

Honda GX390

Up to 7 mph (11 km/h)

1440 lbs (653 kg)

Material Buggy Steel Tub

Superior performance meets versatility with the launch of the steel tub accessory for the Material Buggy product line. The steel tub is sold as an accessory to replace the standard poly tub. The steel tub will be sold separately from the traction unit. There will not be a base model sold with the steel tub pre-assembled. The steel tub is designed to fit on the full Material Buggy line, from the wheeled units to the new Swivel Mud Buggy®.
• High weight-carrying capacity: The steel tub offers the 16-cubic foot and 2,500-pound carrying capacity found on the full line of Material Buggies.
• Tub design: The curved back allows the tub to dump material at any point along the 180-degree radius when used on the Swivel Mud Buggy model.
• Versatile platform: The steel tub was designed to fit all the current Material Buggy models.











  • Handlebar mounted speed control can be placed on right or left.
  • Dual-action dump pedal dumps and returns the tub with no need to remove hands from the handlebars.
  • Patented quick-disconnect, foam filled tires quickly remove for easy doorway access.
  • Angled ride-on operator platform provides more maneuverability in tight places.
Equipment Type
Material Buggies / Concrete and Masonry