Pedestrian Detection Systems by BLAXTAIR

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Enhanced Pedestrian Safety Technology

The Blaxtair pedestrian detection system is revolutionizing industrial and commercial workplaces using forklifts, making a huge difference in improving workplace safety. With a number of beneficial features, the system can not only improve safety but increases efficiency and productivity.


Blaxtair is a pedestrian detection and anti-collision camera for forklifts that uses artificial intelligence to differentiate between objects and people so that operators are only alerted in a near-miss situation. The focus of the Blaxtair is to reduce the number of alarms that operators hear so that they do not become desensitized to the alert, which can be the case for other proximity technologies such as radar or RFID-based systems.

Arguments against RFID: Radio Frequency systems require employees to wear tagged equipment (vests, hard hats, etc.) in order for them to be detected. Not only is this difficult to manage with a large number of employees, but it can also lead to useless alarms for people being in an area close to a forklift that is not deemed a dangerous situation.

Arguments against Radar: Radar systems will give off alarms for anything picked up in the protected zone. This can be useful in wide-open spaces with minimal coactivity between PIV's and people, but can easily lead to over alarming in a more crowded facility.

Blaxtair allows for efficient work within the industrial site by detecting any obstacles that may come across its path. The machine is able to recognize if the obstacle is a pedestrian or not by analyzing its shape. Should there be any imminent risk to a person, the driver of the vehicle will be alerted, allowing for the prevention of a potentially fatal collision. The benefit of Blaxtair is that it does not affect productivity by only warning the driver when there is a serious threat of harm or danger.


Most people operating traditional obstacle detection systems know that they can hinder rather than help operations. Where BLAXTAIR differs from this is that it will raise an alarm solely if there is a pedestrian in danger of being struck by the vehicle in question. BLAXTAIR ensures total pedestrian safety without unnecessary alarms that may distract the operator, allowing for a productive yet safe workplace.


Burns Industrial Equipment knows that safety comes first when working on and around forklifts. The BLAXTAIR system is an innovative solution for your industrial workplace and to keep your workforce safe yet productive. We have several satisfied customers with the Blaxtair system and we would be happy to discuss how it could be successfully implemented in your facility. 

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