Protect your employees, equipment, and profit with forklift operator training from Burns Industrial Equipment.

Your company's profits are directly affected by the safe and correct handling of materials. Our Lift Truck Safety Operator Training Program encourages good work practices that produce competent and effective operations, leading to increased productivity, fewer damaged goods, and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Why work with Burns?

  • Training is aligned with OSHA regulations
  • Training at our place or yours
  • "Train the Trainer" certification
  • Increased productivity and safety
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Lift Truck & Aerial Lift Operator Training

Our operator training program adapts to large and small lift trucks and aerial work platform users, helping you to maintain the highest standards at your organization, and to meet OSHA requirements. Our program is one of the industry’s most respected. It is designed to increase safety and productivity as well as protect personnel, loads, and equipment. Our trainers are certified by Yale, JLG, and Ohio BWC.

Protect Your Employees

Our Lift Truck Safety Operator Training Program describes lift truck fundamentals. We also go into detail analyzing common operating principles such as load center, stability, and correct stacking. The program focuses on pedestrian safety and awareness of hazards. These topics empower your operators with the skills and understanding required for proficient and professional operations.

Protect Your Equipment & Environment

Skilled operators can mean reduced equipment damage, less machine downtime and lower maintenance costs. Our program is designed to provide your operators with the skills and procedures required for correct material handling, thereby avoiding situations that could result in damaged goods and equipment.


Burns Industrial Equipment offers customized fleet management solutions proven to reduce operating cost, minimize downtime and optimize your business' operations. Start saving 15% on your materials handling operation.