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Taylor-Dunn Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

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Taylor-Dunn Celebrates 75 Years of Industrial Electric Vehicles

Taylor-Dunn Celebrates 75 Years of Industrial Electric Vehicles

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Industry leader honors iconic legacy as an industrial EV OEM powering productivity across the globe and its bright future as part of the sustainability movement

Taylor-Dunn celebrates 75 years of business

Anaheim, Calif., January 23, 2024 – Taylor-Dunn, a leading industrial electric vehicle manufacturer, is proud to announce its 75th anniversary. With a rich legacy of designing and producing commercial and industrial utility vehicles, Taylor-Dunn has become synonymous with productivity, reliability and safety.

“Celebrating 75 years of Taylor-Dunn offers up a great opportunity to reflect on the company’s significant growth over the years that are rooted in its humble beginnings,” said Keith Simon, CEO, Waev Inc. “The company was born in innovation on an Anaheim, California, farm where the first Taylor-Dunn electric vehicle was developed to drive productivity on the farm. Today, we produce EVs that can be seen working in an expansive set of use cases around the world. This success can be attributed to a 75-year commitment to engineering sustainable solutions that work.”

As the world embraces greener, safer, more productive solutions, Taylor-Dunn’s electric vehicles have emerged as the go-to workhorse thanks to the brand’s reliability and versatility. One of the standout vehicles in Taylor-Dunn’s lineup is the Bigfoot, an electric utility vehicle that is revolutionizing the industry. The Bigfoot is replacing gas UTVs, golf carts, tractors and trucks, offering the same towing and hauling capabilities as a full-size pickup truck. However, it distinguishes itself by being right-sized, cost-effective and easy to charge.

All Taylor-Dunn products are built to last, whether it is the durable steel bodies, the purposefully simple electrical architecture, or the drives that are overengineered for reliability and capability. Taylor-Dunn has doubled down on the commitment to reliability in its 75th year, by introducing a new robust 4-year warranty – further demonstrating the company’s confidence in the quality and durability of the vehicles.

To keep up with the growing demand in the market, Taylor-Dunn has made significant investments in its Anaheim, Calif., manufacturing operation. These investments enable the company to scale production and continue delivering exceptional vehicles in a timely manner.

“We take pride in not only having amazing Taylor-Dunn products and team members, but also in the long-standing relationships with the expansive network of Taylor-Dunn dealers and customers,” Simon added. “Many of our dealers have been selling these products for decades, and the company has a loyal customer base that has been relying on their Taylor-Dunn vehicles for much of the brand’s history. Their partnership and collaboration have been instrumental and we share this milestone with them.”

In addition to the company’s deep roots and enduring partnerships, Taylor-Dunn attributes its success to its dedicated team, many of whom have been with the brand for years. The legacy of the Taylor-Dunn team is impressive; 30 percent of the team has been with the company for more than a decade, a handful for more than three decades and one for almost six decades. Within the team are many multigenerational families that have also been integral to the Taylor-Dunn story.

As Taylor-Dunn celebrates its milestone year, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology in a way that creates real value for customers. The company is poised to lead the industry into a greener and more sustainable future. Taylor-Dunn will commemorate the anniversary with a look back to the past throughout the year, as well as with exciting news in 2024 that will continue to propel the brand into the future.

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Waev Inc. provides access to safe and dependable electric vehicles through the manufacturing, distribution and support of the GEM, Taylor-Dunn and Tiger product lines. Founded in 2021, Waev is redefining EVs to make life and work easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. This is driven by our commitment to sustainable, safe, future-focused solutions that lead to the adoption and advancement of electrification without compromising the job or purpose of the vehicle. Our collaborative and agile partnerships stem from these shared values and common pursuit to advance mobility.

Taylor-Dunn has a rich 70-year legacy of providing tailored industrial vehicles. GEM has been an established EV leader in the LSV space for 25 years. Tiger heavy-duty tow tractors have been towing cargo, baggage, parcel, and other equipment for ground support applications since 1981. All vehicles are engineered and produced at the Waev headquarters and manufacturing center of excellence in Southern California. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn.

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