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Equipment Categories

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Snorkel 460SJ

Snorkel Snorkel 460SJ

Snorkel A46JRT

Snorkel Snorkel A46JRT

Snorkel MB26J

Snorkel Snorkel MB26J

Snorkel S3219E

Snorkel Snorkel S3219E

Snorkel S3226E

Snorkel Snorkel S3226E

Snorkel S4726E

Snorkel Snorkel S4726E

Snorkel SL26RT

Snorkel Snorkel SL26RT

Snorkel SR5719

Snorkel Snorkel SR5719

Snorkel TM16E

Snorkel Snorkel TM16E


At Burns Industrial Equipment, we elevate ambitious construction pros. We ramp up your commitment to quality, expertise and integrity. And with Snorkel aerial lifts, you’re always up to the task.

Snorkel Scissor Lifts and Aerial Lifts

Every Snorkel uplifts your crew while helping maintain safety, precision and reliability. Shop these Snorkel aerial lifts to ensure overhead tasks are completed with ease:

  • Speed Levels: Navigate bumpy terrain with this equipment. The Snorkel Speed Level rises above the rest, seamlessly handling up to 50% of gradients. You can trust its stability, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Boom lifts: Boom lifts redefine aerial accessibility. Their straightforward design and exceptional maneuverability make reaching those tricky corners effortless.
  • Mast lifts: Snorkel’s mast lifts stand tall with a secure platform. They help execute overhead work with ease.
  • Material lifts: Snorkel material lifts come to the rescue for sites demanding heavy-duty lifting. They boast best-in-class load capacity, integrated with a robust telescoping mast system and constructed with lightweight yet resilient aluminum.
  • Rough terrain telehandlers: When the site’s dynamics need both reach and mobility, Snorkel’s rough terrain telehandlers, with full-time 4-wheel drive, offer tight maneuvering with the confidence of stability.

Why Get Snorkel Lifts Through Burns Industrial Equipment?

Join a loyal line of Burns Industrial Equipment customers who have trusted us for 50+ years. We treasure our roots, the hard work and the passion that shaped us. We infuse that spirit into our telehandlers and material lifts offerings, setting new benchmarks in movement and strength.

Every project site has challenges, whether indoor intricacies or rough outdoor terrains. The Snorkel line tackles challenges head-on. Pair that quality equipment with our service, and you’ll benefit from our:

  • Service from trained pros: Our technicians have certifications, factory training and experience to keep your Snorkel lifts running.
  • Financing options: Get the aerial lifts you need with the budget you have. Our customized financing plans structure payment to meet your cash flow.
  • Equipment variety: Indoor or outdoor, large jobs or small, we’re the Snorkel dealer with what you need. You can purchase compact equipment or rugged lifts for tough jobs — from low-level rough terrain boom lifts to articulated electric telescopic mast lifts.

Snorkel, reputable for quality and safety, is a reliable expert in aerial lifts. Are you ready to elevate your construction and maintenance performance? Reach new levels seamlessly across many locations with our comprehensive range of construction industrial telehandlers and more.

Inquire About Our Snorkel Boom and Aerial Lifts Today

Burns Industrial Equipment offers more than machinery. We’re delivering efficiency, safety and groundbreaking construction innovation. Choose Snorkel and choose Burns Industrial Equipment for a top range of manufacturers and superior professional fleet management. Elevate your construction standards — contact us for more information.