Overcome metal handling challenges and build your competitive edge. Our forklifts for the metal industry offer technological excellence and hardworking efficiency. 

Overcome Challenges With Forklifts for the Metal Industry

You already know metal moving comes with challenges. You can overcome them with advanced metal industry industrial equipment that elevates your production process and changes the way you handle metal. 

Harsh Environments

Keep Costs Low

Harsh Environments

Material handling equipment is subject to abrasive dust at metal recycling facilities and extreme heat in metal foundries. Safeguard your equipment and operators with industrial vehicles specifically designed to withstand the heat.

Limited Budgets

Combat the Tough Conditions

Limited Budgets

Insufficient capital for the equipment you need can hinder your operations and ability to produce your desired output. Consider lift truck leasing programs and implementing a thorough maintenance plan to lengthen the life span of your equipment. 

Load Variation

Keep Costs Low

Load Variation

Metal products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights, making it challenging to find a uniform material handling solution. Upgrade your fleet with high-capacity lift trucks that offer the versatility you need to handle different loads. You can also use specialized attachments for more load variation. 

Safety Concerns

Keep Costs Low

Safety Concerns

Within the steel and metal industry, maximizing compliance and minimizing risk is crucial. Equipment that easily handles variable loads can reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries. You can also employ telematics for training updates and to track lift truck access. 


Find the Best Industrial Vehicles for the Metal Industry

The Burns Industrial Equipment team has helped thousands of clients find the right material-handling equipment for their operations. We're ready to assist you, too. Contact our sales technicians at 800-569-9419 to discuss the challenges you face in the metal industry, and we'll help you find the perfect material handling solution. 

Choose Lift Trucks From Leading Manufacturers

Burns Industrial Equipment has been providing quality forklifts for more than five decades. We proudly retail a range of world-class lift trucks for the metal industry, including advanced equipment from Hyser and technological excellence from Yale.


Trust Us With Your Forklift Needs

Burns Industrial Equipment can meet all your needs for industrial vehicles for the metal industry. We offer an extensive collection of new and used equipment designed to handle the industry's everyday rigors. 

To accommodate limited budgets, we offer used equipment and financing options that allow you to lease forklifts at an affordable price. We can also help extend the life cycle of your material handling equipment with quality forklift repairs and services. 

Purchase Lift Trucks for the Metal Industry Today

Take a look at our premium collection of forklifts and reach out to our sales technicians online if you have any questions. You can also call us at 800-569-9419 to talk about the metal handling challenges you face and how we can help you solve them.

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