General Manufacturing

Maintain production flow with advanced general manufacturing lift trucks that meet diverse needs. Our extensive selection of material-handling machinery from trusted brands empowers you to find a forklift with the functionality you're looking for. 

Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With General Manufacturing Forklifts

Technologically forward general manufacturing forklifts can provide the agility you need to rise above the most common challenges on the factory floor. 

Storage Constraints

Storage Constraints

With appropriate forklifts for the general manufacturing industry, you can easily store and retrieve inventory and critical components for supply chain distributions. Vertical storage solutions can help you utilize more factory space or address space constraints within narrower aisles. We retail forklifts from respected brands like Yale and Hyster that offer the reach you need and easily operate in narrow aisles.

Labor Shortages


Labor Shortages

Implement robotic lift trucks to execute repetitive tasks, allowing qualified workers to focus on critical work. You can also add ergonomic forklifts to your fleet to minimize musculoskeletal problems caused by repeated movement. 

Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns

Utilize advanced telematics technology to monitor your industrial vehicles for manufacturing. Implement automated solutions for strenuous and repetitive tasks to help reduce workplace injuries. 

Find the Right Lifting Solution

Find the Right Lifting Solution

Our sales technicians are equipped with extensive knowledge of our forklifts for the general manufacturing industry and their applications. We're ready to advise you on the right forklift for your intended use, so contact us at 800-569-9419 to discuss your lifting needs. 


Industrial Vehicles From Leading Brands

Burns Industrial Equipment proudly retails a range of industrial vehicles for manufacturing, including:

You'll also find specialty forklifts, like compact electric forklifts, four-directional lifts, long-load-handling lift trucks and forklifts that are optimized for narrow aisles. 

Keep your products moving with general manufacturing forklifts from industry-leading brands like Hyster and Yale


Why Rely on Us for Your General Manufacturing Forklift Needs?

Confidently trust Burns Industrial Equipment with your forklift needs for general manufacturing. We proudly provide:

  • A large collection of forklifts: With more than five decades of retail excellence, Burns Industrial Equipment provides a carefully selected lineup of quality forklifts. We've accumulated an impressive catalog over the years. 
  • Award-winning service: Burns Industrial Equipment has received the Yale Dealer of Excellence award for 28 consecutive years. This award recognizes dealerships that offer exceptional customer support and expert industry knowledge, which means you can trust us with your forklift needs. 
  • Financing options: Burns Industrial Equipment offers tailored financing options with a variety of leasing arrangements to help you manage your manufacturing process on a budget.

Purchase General Manufacturing Forklifts Today

Browse our extensive collection of forklifts today and call our sales technicians at 800-569-9419 or reach out online to discuss your specific material handling needs. We are ready to help you find the right solution for your application.

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