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Equipment Categories

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Taylor-Dunn BIGFOOT

Bigfoot 3000

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 3000

Bigfoot 3000 Li-Ion

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 3000 Li-Ion

Bigfoot Li-Ion

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Li-Ion

Bigfoot S

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot S


Taylor-Dunn BIGFOOT XL

Bigfoot XL Li-Ion

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL Li-Ion


Taylor-Dunn C-425


Taylor-Dunn C-426


Taylor-Dunn C-432


Taylor-Dunn CarryLite


Taylor-Dunn CarryMax

Taylor-Dunn Vehicles and Carts

Burns Industrial Equipment is an authorized Taylor-Dunn equipment dealer providing electric carts and vehicles throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

With over seven decades of experience, Taylor-Dunn is at the forefront of commercial and industrial vehicle manufacturing. From utility vehicles to stockchasers and personnel carriers, Taylor-Dunn equipment is reliable and robust to serve a host of business needs.

Taylor-Dunn Equipment Solutions

As one of the leading Taylor-Dunn dealers, we offer a range of electrical utility vehicle and cart solutions to satisfy your industrial or commercial business needs, including:

Key Taylor-Dunn Equipment Benefits

If you’re on the hunt for industrial or commercial vehicles or carts to move equipment, materials and personnel, choosing Taylor-Dunn equipment offers:

  • Tailored solutions: Equipment can be custom-built to your needs, making it ideal for specialized applications.
  • Unmatched experience: Taylor-Dunn has been at the helm of custom vehicle and cart manufacturing for over 70 years.
  • Extensive range: This manufacturer offers many models to choose from, with vehicles covering a variety of applications.
  • Improved safety: Taylor-Dunn equipment is easy to operate and has several safety features to meet the highest operational safety standards.
  • Increased labor efficiency: With Taylor-Dunn equipment, you can move personnel, equipment, tools and materials faster, making your team more efficient.
  • Boosted productivity: With improved labor efficiency comes an increase in productivity. Get your processes moving faster in your facility with these custom equipment solutions.

Partner With the Leading Taylor-Dunn Dealer in OH, WV and PA

Burns Industrial Equipment has your vehicle, cart and carrier equipment needs covered. We offer our clients the best in Taylor-Dunn equipment and service excellence, including maintenance and repair programs, financing and rental options, and operator training to ensure safety. To discuss your equipment needs, contact our team or visit one of our locations near you!