Forklift Repair and Service

Forklifts are essential equipment for your warehousing or material handling operation. When they function well, you experience greater efficiency and a smooth workflow. Burns Industrial Equipment provides lift truck repair and service in the field or in our shop, making it as convenient as possible to keep your business operating at its best. We work on many brands and types of material-handling equipment, including aerial lifts and forklifts. 

Keep Forklifts Running Their Best With On-Site and In-Shop Forklift Service

Many factors contribute to a forklift’s efficiency. As your equipment ages, it loses functionality as parts wear out and require replacement. A forklift that has heavy use will need repairs and service more frequently. Forklifts may also endure damage during their operation, which prevents them from working or reduces their usefulness. 

Keep your forklifts operating as efficiently as possible by scheduling regular service. We recommend receiving preventive maintenance every 250 to 300 hours. Hydraulic machines need servicing every 600 hours, and older forklifts require more frequent and extensive services.

The Forklift Repair Services We Offer

Burns Industrial Equipment serves Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Western Maryland with forklift repairs and service. We have trucks available for service in the field, or you can visit us at our local shops. We also provide lift truck maintenance plans to help you keep your equipment in the best condition.

Field Service

We know that unexpected equipment repairs mean lost productivity and lost revenue. That’s why Burns has a staff of mobile service technicians who can work on equipment at your facility. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs. Our fully stocked vans can visit your location within two hours to repair your equipment and help your fleet get back to work. Our Field Technicians have laptops and operate from fully stocked service vans equipped with GPS for the most efficient dispatch to your location. 

Our expertly-trained technicians can also help you determine whether a forklift repair may exceed the truck’s value and when it’s time to consider replacing your equipment. We can help you decide on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions and implement many high-quality repairs on-site.

Shop Service

Some repairs are too complex to perform in the field. We can cover all your large repair needs at our shop, including engine rebuilds, tire pressing, painting, fabrication and other services.

Whether you require battery regeneration, welding services, or another kind of large-scale repair, we make it as convenient as possible to send your essential equipment to our shop. Our transportation department provides pick-up and delivery service, and forklift rentals are available to keep your business running. 

Full-Service Maintenance Agreements

Our Full-Service agreements provide the lowest overall fleet maintenance cost with the highest degree of truck use. Features of this plan include periodic maintenance, parts inventory on-site, and monthly invoicing.

Regular servicing of your forklift is key to keeping it in sound condition and ensuring its longevity. While a general guideline for how often the machine should be serviced may exist, the best recommendation for your machine can vary depending on factors like age, working conditions, manufacturer, and other considerations. Consulting with an expert technician will help you get the most from your equipment.

Regular forklift maintenance is important. Our qualified technicians will inspect every aspect of the machine and provide guidance on any needed repairs or replacements. With regular maintenance, you’ll be sure not to miss important services so you can use your forklifts worry-free! This service model also enables you to receive the repairs you need when you need them and pay a single, convenient bill at the end of each month.

Planned Maintenance

Burns offers flexible, customized and comprehensive maintenance plans based on each application, lift truck make, model and operating environment. Periodic Maintenance (PM) Programs set up a regular service schedule to reduce downtime, maintain your fleet’s condition and boost productivity. These inspections also ensure operator safety by verifying that they operate as intended.

Planned maintenance is crucial to maintaining your forklift’s performance and longevity. Failing to recognize minor issues can exponentially increase repair costs for major damage further down the line, causing unnecessary expenditure and extending production times due to diminished battery life.

To ensure your forklift runs efficiently and doesn’t cause you any costly disruptions down the line, regular maintenance is a must. Our team of fully-trained experts can help keep service records up to date while providing quality parts for repairs whenever needed – all designed to save you time and money! We can work with you to develop a service schedule that is specific to your fleet to maximize your facility’s uptime while keeping your equipment in excellent condition.

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