Should You Repair or Replace Your Forklift?

Parts wear down and accidents happen when working in a busy industrial setting. There will come times when you have to decide between repairing and replacing a forklift. Every situation is different, so it’s crucial to understand the factors that influence your decision to repair or replace. This article will cover key factors that can tell you if you should repair your current forklift or purchase a new one. 


How recently did you purchase your damaged forklift? How many hours of work does it have under its belt? You may find that it’s worth the investment to repair a new machine with thousands more hours to give. An older machine may be too expensive to repair, considering the hours it has left. Consider a replacement after the 8,500-hour mark. 


Some brands last longer than others, even when they need repairs. The most popular forklift manufacturers are prominent for a reason — their vehicles will last longer than the competition, thanks to their component quality. Even mid-level models from top brands offer reliability worth repairing. 


What does your facility’s workload look like? If you know you can extend your forklift’s working hours by using it sparingly, repairing it can be worth the investment. However, you will be better off replacing a broken-down machine if you’ll run up its hours quickly while lifting heavy loads. 


Manufacturers release new and improved designs every year. You may have an older machine with plenty of hours left to work, but its features don’t stack up to modern forklifts. Rather than waiting for the end of its life span to roll around, replace your outdated forklift when it breaks down. 

Damage Severity 

Some damage is simply too expensive to repair, even if the forklift is new. You can repair your forklift if the price is right, but sometimes the repair costs rival purchasing a new machine. Consider the severity of the damage and the cost to fix it when making your decision.

Maintenance Costs

While you may be able to repair your damaged machine, there are occasions when you’ll need to increase its maintenance routine to keep it running. Ask your repair technician if repairing your forklift will leave you with higher and more frequent maintenance bills in the future. 

Forklift Sales and Services From Burns Industrial Equipment 

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we’re here to help you decide whether you should repair or replace your forklift. Our experts will provide an honest recommendation, then point you toward the right solution. If you’re having forklift issues, we encourage you to request our maintenance and repair services online. Or, browse our new forklifts to find a replacement. 

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