West Virginia: Forklift Repair and Service

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Repairs and services for equipment can be costly and time-consuming, especially when that equipment is a forklift. The forklift is the backbone of material handling businesses and repairs can impact your productivity. At Burns Industrial Equipment, we recognize this obstacle and want to help by providing different options for forklift repair and service in Charleston, West Virginia.

Forklift Repair in West Virginia

Forklift repairs can derail an entire day's work, but at Burns Industrial Equipment, we provide convenient options that save you time and money. Two repair options we offer include:

On-Site Services

With our on-site service options, we prioritize any forklift repair in West Virginia by sending a Burns expert technician to you. After requesting a repair, one of our team members can arrive within two hours with all the necessary tools and equipment to find your location, quickly diagnose your forklift and provide an expert suggestion on the type of repair or replacement that your forklift requires.

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we understand that it is impossible to prepare for surprise breakdowns. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency repairs so you are not without your forklift for a long time.

In-Shop Services

If it is easier for you to bring your forklift in for a repair, or the repair is too extensive for on-site fixes, our shop is here to help. With the help of our transportation services, we can easily pick up and deliver your forklift to and from our shop once the repair is complete. Our transportation service lets you focus on your business and lets us handle the repairs!



Excellent Forklift Service in West Virginia

To prevent unnecessary repairs to your forklift, Burns Industrial Equipment offers different forklift services for regular maintenance. With our full-service maintenance option, we prioritize periodic maintenance with an on-site inventory of parts and monthly invoicing. This option provides the regular servicing necessary to preserve the longevity of any forklift while being cost-efficient.

Our planned maintenance option is also great for maintaining your forklift's performance. With a specific maintenance plan based on your forklift's make, model and environment, Burns' expert technicians can provide preventative and regular servicing. This option is excellent for preventing weather damage or checking specific wear and tear of the forklift, depending on its daily function.

If you are still deciding on the best maintenance option for your forklift, contact our West Virginia location to learn more about preventative maintenance and pricing.

Schedule Forklift Repair and Service in Charleston West Virginia

Finding the time and energy to schedule forklift repairs and maintenance can be a burden. At Burns Industrial Equipment, we prioritize your equipment needs and your needs. Let us focus on repairing your forklift with one of our many servicing options. 

Our St. Albans location focuses on serving the Charleston West Virginia area. Contact us online or call us at 304-755-9333 today to learn more about our forklift repair and services.