Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency with the Pallet Shuttle System

Reduce the Number of Forklifts and Ease the Pain of Staffing Shortages and Equipment Maintenance

With more industries relying on robotics for greater productivity and profitability... you can't afford to miss out.  It's time to think about growth, speed, and accuracy.  It's time to think...automation.

Companies are already taking advantage of the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the Pallet Shuttle® “Omni-Directional” automated storage and retrieval system.  Now you can double your pallet positions while saving up to 50% on direct labor costs.

And, depending on your operations, the ROI is around 2 years.

Maximize Storage

The Pallet Shuttle® Four-Directional “4D” automated storage and retrieval AS/RS system reduces labor, eliminates forklifts and improves inventory accuracy.
Fully or Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle systems can be installed alongside or replace existing pallet rack systems.
Pallet Shuttle Systems reduce dependence on hazardous forklifts and can be implemented with full maintenance.

Improve Accuracy

The Pallet Shuttle® TRAK-IT Control System interfaces with existing ERP technologies to manage all aspects of warehouse or production floor environments.
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)s can be integrated with Pallet Shuttle to reduce forklift travel.
Pallet Shuttle offers replacements for worn or outdated systems and upgrades to automated systems.

Pallet Shuttle Can...

  • Improve Cubic Storage Capacity
  • Reduce Forklifts and Labor Costs
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy