Cleveland and Northeast OH: Forklift Repair and Service

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When your forklift breaks down, figuring out the time to schedule repairs while maintaining an efficient schedule is difficult. We satisfy customers' needs at Burns Industrial Equipment by providing convenient forklift repair and services. We understand that your top priority is satisfying your customers, and with our repair and service options, we get your forklift back in action.

Forklift Repair in Northeast Ohio

Burns Industrial Equipment offers the most convenient repair options for Northeast Ohio. With on-site and in-shop forklift repair options, you can make the best service decision to fit the needs of your company and forklift.

On-Site Service

A forklift repair can de-rail your entire day. With our on-site repair service, we save you time by coming to you promptly. Once you place a repair request, a Burns technician can be en route and arrive within two hours with a fully stocked van and laptop for a quick diagnosis and repair.

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we know that repairs are sporadic, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. As a leading company in forklift repair in Northeast Ohio, our team is ready to help discuss repair options and, if necessary, plan for your forklift to make its way to our Cleveland location.

In-Shop Service

Our in-shop repair service streamlines forklift repair in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Burns can prioritize more extensive repairs with quick equipment delivery and fast turnover. Transporting a forklift to a repair shop is a huge task that takes time and energy away from your work schedule. At Burns, we recognize this burden and help with our transportation services to pick up and deliver your forklift.



Forklift Service in Northeast Ohio

Burns Industrial Equipment offers two service options for lift truck maintenance:

Full-Service Maintenance

With our full-service maintenance, we can provide the lowest costs to the highest degree of truck use. The features include:

  • Periodic maintenance
  • On-site parts inventory
  • Monthly invoicing

Regular forklift upkeep is necessary for longevity, and this service option can help you get the most from your equipment. 

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is a flexible option for routine forklift upkeep. This option considers the location and environment your forklift works in. Because we offer forklift service in Cleveland, Burns technicians are well-versed in common servicing issues resulting from the Ohio weather, ensuring your forklift's maintenance is complete.

Burns Is Serving the Cleveland and Northeast OH Areas

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional service to fit their differing and growing needs. We support businesses in Northeast Ohio by providing repair options by expert technicians through our on-site and in-shop servicing options. We provide forklift repair and service solutions while keeping your convenience in mind.

Schedule Forklift Repair and Service in Cleveland and Northeast OH Areas

Our Macedonia location serves the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio areas. Contact us online or at 330-468-4900 to learn about our different repair and service options.