Robotic Forklifts are Key Component to Warehouse Cost Efficiency and Quality

Robotic Technology Will Accelerate Your Bottom Line

Meeting customers' demands requires increased adoption of warehouse automation solutions to keep costs and operational complexity in check. Automated and robotic solutions are easing the increasing pressure to get orders out to customers more efficiently while reducing operating costs. Robotic forklifts can both increase picking speed and volumes while decreasing picking inaccuracy due to a reduction in the number of human interactions. In addition, robotic forklifts are independent of labor market conditions and can work 24/7 without requiring any overhead costs. Robotic lift trucks provide solutions to give you the competitive edge:

  • Optimize operations
  • Deliver higher output
  • Increase accuracy in order fulfillment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Eliminate picking errors


Take the Operator Out of the Equation

Today's robotic trucks operate with added robotic components to a standard production chassis. You get high-quality, cost-effective standard robotic vehicles that require no added infrastructure, providing easy integration into your existing operations. The infrastructure-free navigation relies on structural features such as walls, columns, or racks. The system is programmed around existing physical structures and is re-programmable to accommodate multiple routes and changes in the environment. Robotic vehicles can pick up, transport and drop off pallets independently and reliably —no laser reflectors, guidewire or magnets needed. 

Now’s the time to experience the innovative engineering of automated forklifts will improve productivity, minimize damage to products, and reduce operations costs up to 70%.

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