Fleet Management Solutions from Burns

Access to Burns Platform from any mobile device

Managing an equipment fleet can be a demanding job. As you keep track of operational expenses and equipment maintenance, you have to balance many complex tasks at once. Partner with the Burns Fleet team to make lift truck fleet management more convenient and straightforward. 

With our proprietary software, you can work with our forklift fleet management team to handle all the details of your fleet. Easily access the platform online from a desktop or mobile device at any time. You’ll get full visibility of your entire fleet so that you can easily track performance, efficiency, service and invoices from one location. Access all the details and set customized alerts so you always have the information you need for the job.

Burns Fleet Management Can Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

Do you know the operational cost of your fleet of equipment? Do you monitor each forklift for optimum efficiency? Let the Burns Fleet team make your job easier. Our proprietary software allows both you as a customer and our fleet management team to manage every aspect of your fleet online—both desktop and mobile. Our platform provides a complete breakdown of your entire fleet to track your service, invoices, and performance details on each truck, 24/7. You can track the details you need and set custom alerts.

Fleet Management allows you to:

  • Maintain a close eye on your entire fleet, wherever and whenever
  • Manage your spending on each truck and set benchmarks and actionable items
  • Maximize your ROI on each truck and make adjustments to your fleet based on data
  • Right-size your fleet and eliminate excess equipment
  • Minimize downtime with Planned Maintenance, and monitoring overall equipment efficiency
  • Eliminate multiple vendors by consolidating all equipment management, regardless of brand
  • Simplify accounting by having all expenditures related to each individual truck integrated in one easy-to-use platform

Why Fleet Management:

Warehouse operations are rapidly changing your company’s need to focus on growth, consumer expectations of product availability, delivery speed and intensifying competition. You need a partner to help you improve operational efficiency and financial performance. Our fleet management team will assess your current equipment and design a program to help you eliminate equipment overages and make you equipment investment transparent, protected and cost-efficient. We invite you to connect with us today and begin your journey toward efficiency, productivity and reliability with Burns Fleet Management.

Our Software Platform Provides:

  • Equipment Summary
  • Cost per Hour and Utilization
  • Service Summary Charts—by Category
  • Custom Alerts
  • Invoice History
  • Cost Summary Analysis
  • Details of Individual Trucks
  • Planned Maintenance Summary
  • Service Requests
  • Rental Requests
  • Telemetry Readings (If available)

Improve ROI and Reduce Costs With Our Fleet Management System

With our software platform, you can take care of various management tasks from a computer or mobile device. Our platform offers many features to make your job easier, including:

  • Equipment management: Access an equipment summary, categorical service summary charts and costs per hour for your equipment and usage.
  • Financial management: You’ll have convenient access to your invoice history and cost summary analysis. 
  • Maintenance management: Plan for truck maintenance and make service and rental requests, all from our intuitive platform. 

Learn More About Burns Fleet Management Solutions

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we see our customers as partners. That’s why we focus on delivering the best products and services for each client’s needs. Whatever equipment and operational requirements you may have, you can work with us to find an effective solution. We offer everything from fleet management to forklift equipment to parts to help equip you for the demands of your work environment.

Explore our fleet management solutions and discover how a partnership with us can benefit your business. To learn more, contact our Fleet Operations Manager, Justin Anderson, at 412-298-1829, or reach out via email.   

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