Full selection of batteries, chargers, and service.

A key driver for productivity in electric lift trucks is choosing the right motive battery. Lift truck owners have a wide variety of electric power choices available today, from high frequency to maintenance-free to fast charge solutions. Burns offers traditional batteries as well as fast-charge batteries for companies with minimal downtime.

Why Burns Industrial Equipment?

Industrial Batteries & Chargers

We offer sales, service and rentals for all major brands of industrial batteries and chargers. Burns has an extensive inventory of Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers – including GNB, Hawker, OneCharge and Deka.

Battery Repair

Save money with our battery repair services. With mobile repairs, inspections and rebuilding on all major brands, as well as rentals to keep your fleet going. Burns Industrial Equipment is the only forklift dealer in Northeast Ohio to offer the Xtender Battery Regeneration. The Xtender restores and prolongs the lifespan of all sizes and types of lead-acid batteries.

The all-in-one Xtender discharges, desulfates, and recharges lead-acid (flooded, AGM, Gel) batteries giving them a second life, reducing new battery purchase cycles, and providing a more environmentally friendly solution by limiting production waste.

Battery Handling Systems

Burns offers racks & charging stands and equipment for overhead & side battery removal. Our Battery changing equipment is economical, safe and efficient to use.

On-site battery washing for Ohio locations

Prolong the life of your batteries and lower repair costs with our environmentally-safe service. Battery Washing simplifies an essential maintenance task while helping to extend the productivity of lift truck fleets.

Greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

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