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Lithium-Ion (Li-on) batteries are gaining in popularity as a motive power option for material handling equipment. Their advantages as a reliable portable power source has steadily increased and they offer speed, safety, easy maintenance and affordability over the lifetime of the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries can be recharged hundreds of times and are extremely stable and safe. If you’re ready for improved power efficiency and the longest charge retention of any other battery type, now is the time to switch to Lithium-Ion forklift batteries.

1. No Maintenance Required

No water maintenance like lead-acid. No acid spills, no hazardous battery swapping procedures. Because you have none of the same maintenance requirements as with lead-acid batteries, the cost of the battery’s life is greatly reduced.  You get more people spending more time doing their job and not dealing with equipment.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries Charge Quickly

Just plug in, recharge and go. Lithium forklift batteries charge in as little as one hour, with no need for cool-down periods. As a general rule, plug-in for opportunity charging if idle for more than 5 minutes. Proper charging ensures steady voltage under loads throughout the entire shift.

3. Cost Saving and ROI

One Lithium-ion battery can typically support 2- and 3-shifts – Near 100% full power throughout run versus near 80% on lead-acid. Because lithium-ion batteries last so much longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, the cost savings begin to add up quickly and end up being substantial over the much longer life span.  Far less money is spent on energy for charging Lithium-ion over lead-acid batteries.

4. They Require Less Dedicated Space

Additional storage space is no longer needed. Workers are no longer exposed to dangerous acid or charging fumes from lead-acid batteries. Costs are eliminated by simply removing the required space and safety measures required by law.

5. They Just Work Better  

Longer run times per charge, coupled with the fast charge times, simplifies fleet operations, particularly for multi-shift environments.  Lithium batteries realize 20% savings in power consumption when charging. Longer run times– Eliminates downtime for changing batteries. Batteries last 5 or more years and have longer warranties.

These are only five reasons to consider the change to lithium-ion batteries. They may cost more upfront, but the short ROI and zero-maintenance requirements are huge factors when reviewing your operations. If you’ve questioned your forklift power, now is the time to talk to a Burns Industrial Equipment battery expert.

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