The 3PL market is growing rapidly. To stay competitive, you must store more, move faster and offer rapid delivery. An advanced fleet of 3PL forklifts can give you a competitive edge and help you thrive. 

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage With Third-Party Logistics Forklifts

Beat the biggest challenges in the 3PL industry by optimizing your material handling process with advanced technology. 

Space Constraints

Space Constraints

With SKU counts rising, warehouses need more space. Many are enlarging storage space vertically and opting for narrower aisles. You can seamlessly keep products moving with advanced 3PL lift trucks that navigate small spaces and offer the reach you need.

High Customer Expectations

High Customer Expectations

As same-day delivery becomes more common, you need to stay agile and offer speedy service to meet customer expectations. You can improve order picking with lift trucks that reduce cycle times and utilize smart features to perform tasks faster. 

Increased Costs

Increased Costs

As industry competition rises, so do operational costs. Address this challenge by automating tasks with robotic forklifts for faster and cost-efficient task completion. You can also reduce costs by optimizing the power sources of your third-party logistics lift trucks. 

Labor Shortages

Labor Shortages

You might struggle with a labor shortage because of seasonal volumes and high turnovers. Deploy robotic material handling solutions for repetitive work so you can redirect workers to critical tasks that require human attention. 


Your Source for Third-Party Logistics Lift Trucks

Our sales team can help you thrive in the 3PL market. Contact us to discuss your warehouse challenges, and we will help you find the right forklift solution. 


Why Choose Burns Industrial Equipment?

Have all your 3PL forklift needs met by one masterful provider. Apart from offering an extensive collection of forklifts, we also deliver:

  • Buying assistance: Our sales team is up to date with all the advanced features of the lift trucks we retail. Whether you want to utilize robotic forklifts or harness the power of telemetry, we'll help you find a fitting solution to address your unique challenges.
  • Forklift services and repairs: Our technicians offer 24/7 emergency repairs. We can serve you in the field or the shop. We also offer regular maintenance plans for optimal fleet performance. 
  • Custom financing: With our tailored leasing options, you can utilize advanced technology at an agreeable monthly fee. We also offer full-service maintenance leases so you can safeguard your equipment with routine care. 

Purchase 3PL Forklifts at Burns Industrial Equipment

Browse our extensive selection of forklifts for third-party logistics today. If you have questions about the right equipment for your warehouse, reach out to our sales technicians online or call us at 800-569-9419. We are ready to help you conquer the challenges you face in the industry.

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