Pittsburgh and Western PA: Forklift Repair and Service

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Forklifts play an essential role in your day-to-day handling operations. As a constantly used piece of equipment, your forklift will need regular servicing and repairs to ensure it is always functioning its best. At Burns Industrial Equipment, we prioritize your machinery with on-site repair options to keep your business in full swing. We are ready to serve Western Pennsylvania's forklift service and repair needs from our Pittsburgh, PA, location!

Our Forklift Repair Options

With our field and shop repair options, Burns Industrial Equipment is ready to serve Western Pennsylvania. These two repair options give our customers the ability to make the best decision for them and their business, allowing us to prioritize your convenience!

On-Site Repair

We understand that breakdowns can happen at any point, making it challenging to find time to bring your forklift into a shop. Our field repair service option is a great way to rush your forklift repair in Western Pennsylvania. Burns Industrial Equipment has experienced technicians ready to arrive at your location within two hours of your repair request. They are equipped with a fully stocked van and laptops to quickly find your location and forklift problem.

With our 24/7 emergency repair service, we are ready to fix or discuss forklift repair options to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient decision is made regarding your equipment.

In-Shop Repair

If your repair is too extensive for a fix in the field, we provide transportation of your equipment to our shop for repairs. We're a hub for forklift repair in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, making it easy to receive the necessary equipment to complete a large-scale service. We offer transportation to our shop for your equipment, ensuring your forklift repair is a hassle-free experience. 



Forklift Services in Western PA

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we want to give your forklift the best services possible. With our full-service maintenance options, we provide the lowest service cost for the highest forklift use. Our full-service maintenance option includes periodic maintenance, on-site parts and monthly invoicing to ensure your forklift continues to work correctly.

Our planned maintenance option is an excellent forklift service for Pittsburgh clients as this plan meets the needs of your forklift by considering its make, model and operating environment, which is a great way to ensure those Pittsburgh winters do not affect the longevity of your forklift.

We understand that forklift services in Western Pennsylvania will differ from other areas due to their ever-changing conditions. By getting to know your business needs and the area, we will ensure our services match what your forklift needs to be a reliable piece of equipment.

Reach out for Services in the Pittsburgh and Western PA Area

Burns Industrial Equipment serves Western Pennsylvania from our Pittsburgh location to respond quickly to your repair needs. We offer a variety of services that are customizable to your forklift's workload and environmental conditions. We are committed to serving our communities with quick repair and service options to help your business thrive.

Schedule Forklift Repair and Service in in the Pittsburgh and Western PA Area

To learn more about how we service Western Pennsylvania, contact us online or call 412-856-9253.