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Equipment Categories

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Yale MCW025-040E


Yale MRW020-30E




Yale MSW025F-30F-MSW040E


Hyster SL30UT


Hyster W20-30ZR

Hyster W20-W30ZR


Hyster W25-30ZA2-W40ZA


Hyster W25-40ZC

Buy a New Pallet Stacker
When you invest in a new pallet stacker, you’ll secure many benefits for your operations. Some of the key advantages you’ll gain include:

Enhanced efficiency: Pallet stackers can easily handle large, heavy loads, letting you move more at once.
Efficient space use: With motorized pallet stackers, you can choose the right size and functions to fit more loads in less space.
Cost-effectiveness: Electric pallet stackers handle the heavy labor for you, so you can reduce labor costs while accomplishing more in less time.
Safer operation: This equipment minimizes the need for the physical strain of heavy lifting, reducing the likelihood of worker injuries. It also includes several safety features to help protect operators and other employees at the work site.

Types of Motorized Pallet Stackers We Have for Sale
At Burns Industrial Equipment, we offer reliable products from respected brands Hyster and Yale. As a dealer for these industry leaders, we carry the equipment you need for all your material handling operations. With products from trusted manufacturers, we help you to get the most value possible from your equipment.

The products we offer include several unique features to improve their everyday usability:

Customized performance: With adjustable performance modes, you can fit your truck operation to the application.
Accessible design: Intuitive, user-friendly design features allow for increased operating comfort and reduced fatigue.
Versatile mobility: Power steering, maneuverable controls, and adjustable speed and direction functions make this equipment easy to manage for each task.
Fast operation: Powerful and efficient, these pallet stackers can make every job faster and easier.

Hyster Pallet Stackers
Get energy efficiency and high performance along with low maintenance costs and easy operation when you buy Hyster pallet stackers. Built to handle the most demanding warehouse applications, this equipment helps you accomplish more with less time and labor. With user-friendly design features, warehouse stackers optimize productivity for low- to mid-level racking operations in your facility.
Yale Pallet Stackers
With Yale pallet stackers, you can expect premium performance while optimizing your warehouse space. Whether you need a counterbalanced stacker or a reach stacker, the Yale line of pallet stackers for sale offers comprehensive solutions for your warehouse operations. Use your facility space as efficiently as possible while handling loads with powerful stacker forklifts.
Get Electric Pallet Stackers for Sale From Burns Industrial Equipment
As a trusted equipment supplier operating since 1972, Burns Industrial Equipment understands your industry’s needs. No matter what equipment you’re looking for to complete your job more conveniently, safely and efficiently, we’re here to help you find a customized solution. When you work with us, we’ll ensure that you get exceptional customer service and reliable products at competitive prices.

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