Jun 16 2016

Three and Four Wheel Electric Forklifts

As you consider purchasing a new 4,000 # capacity forklift, you have two major types to choose from: three-wheel and four-wheel. The decision really comes down to the type of application you have. The major differences between the two are factors like maneuverability, lift capacity, and ease of on/off. The amount of dock time and trailer unloading is a factor too.

Burns Industrial Equipment has a wide variety of three- and four-wheeled electric forklifts for sale in Ohio and Pennsylvania . Get in touch with our consultants to figure out the best solution for your situation. If you're building a warehouse from the ground up, we can help you weigh the advantages of different aisle and rack configurations. Burns doesn't just supply the machines, but also offers maintenance service.

As a supplier of Yale and Hyster three-wheel and four-wheel forklifts, we can assist your business in the purchasing, leasing, renting and maintaining of equipment to ensure the highest efficiency and productivity in your work spaces.

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