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Equipment Categories

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Hyster E30-40XN


Hyster E45-70XN


Hyster E50-60XNL


Hyster E80-120XN


Yale ERC030-040VA


Yale ERC045-070VG


Yale ERC050-060VGL


Yale ERC080-120VH


Yale ERP030-040VF


Yale ERP040VFL


Yale ERP045-070VL


Yale ERP050-060VLL

Find an Electric 4-Wheel Forklift for Sale

When you’re looking to get new equipment for your facility’s operations, consider investing in an electric four-wheel forklift. You’ll find that this equipment can help you reach optimal productivity levels throughout the workday.

Purchasing a four-wheel forklift for sale can benefit your facility in several ways:

  • Boost your productivity: Decrease downtime and ensure seamless operations at the work site when you have the right equipment for the job.
  • Get high performance: With powerful four-wheel lift trucks, you can process heavy-duty loads easily and efficiently.
  • Enjoy long-lasting value: The durable construction of our equipment offerings means that you’ll make a long-term investment into a product that will need less maintenance and last longer.
  • Make your operations more cost-efficient: When you use forklifts to handle the heavy lifting quickly and efficiently, you save on labor and time expenses.

Our 4-Wheel Forklifts for Sale

Whatever capacities and functions you’re looking for to meet your industry’s demands, let us help you find the right model. We offer a broad range of Yale® and Hyster® products to tackle any material handling operation. Our Hyster® four-wheel forklifts for sale deliver productivity and energy efficiency with each use, making them versatile enough to handle diverse applications. Whether you need used or new equipment, we have several options available to fit your budget and equipment expectations.

Some of the features our premium lift trucks offer to boost your efficiency include:

  • Advanced technology: We offer the latest forklifts on the market from widely respected manufacturers so you can take advantage of productivity-enhancing technologies.
  • Enhanced comfort: The Hyster® and Yale® four-wheel forklift lines offer several features to increase operator comfort and reduce fatigue. These forklifts offer contoured armrests and other high-use surfaces, more foot space and easy-to-use mechanisms and controls.
  • Convenient mobility: Designed for easy maneuvering, these lift trucks are highly responsive while running quietly and smoothly.
  • Increased safety: The products we offer include advanced safety features to ensure efficient, low-risk operation on every job.

Get Your 4-Wheel Electric Forklift From Us

If you’re looking for an equipment and parts provider you can trust, Burns Industrial Equipment is here to meet your needs. We understand that each customer has unique requirements, so we’re a company that forms partnerships and offers customized solutions to help our clients succeed. Whether you operate a factory, a warehouse or another facility, we have the supplies you need for improved efficiency and safety on the job.

If you have questions or want more information on a specific product, our expert staff members are here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more.