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Equipment Categories

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Multi Level order selector by Yale | electric pallet truck

Yale MO55-80


Yale MPB045VG


Yale MPC060-MPC080VG

Yale MPE electric industrial pallet trucks |MPE60-G, MPE060-080VH

Yale MPE60-G, MPE060-080VH


Yale MPR080-MPR100VG


Yale MPW060E-MPW080E


Yale YA55-PT

Find New Electric Pallet Jacks for Sale

Buying new electric pallet jacks is an investment in your warehouse’s long-term productivity. When you get a quality pallet jack, you’ll experience a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency: With electric pallet jacks, you can handle and move loads around your facility faster and more efficiently.
  • Increased safety: Having motorized equipment means that warehouse workers won’t have to do any lifting or pumping themselves, protecting them from the physical strain and potential injuries of manual work.
  • Reduced labor costs: The efficiency of electric pallet jacks results in reduced labor and time requirements.
  • Enhanced power: With their sizable load capacity, pallet jacks can handle heavy-duty jobs easily and quickly.

Types of Motorized Pallet Jacks We Have for Sale

As an authorized Hyster and Yale dealer, we offer an inventory of reliable equipment from the top brands on the market. Get the lift equipment you need to handle any job with our selections of Hyster and Yale pallet jacks. We have a wide selection of pallet jacks available with a variety of features to make your operations more efficient, such as:

  • Industry-exclusive LED trailer and platform lights.
  • Exceptional stability.
  • Power steering.
  • Ergonomic operating platforms and controls.
  • Adjustable performance settings.
  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Productive travel speeds.

Yale Pallet Jacks for Sale

With Yale pallet trucks, you get more productive transportation for every job. Whether you’re moving loads through the warehouse or loading up a trailer, Yale electric pallet jacks can help ensure that you’re doing so as efficiently as possible. Built for usability and convenience, this equipment makes the operator’s job easier and more comfortable for every task.

Hyster Pallet Jacks for Sale

For everything from light- to heavy-duty operations, Hyster produces an electric pallet truck that can tackle the job. Hyster pallet jacks deliver on the brand’s commitment to energy-efficient, reliable and powerful equipment for the material handling industry. Ensure driver comfort, trusted performance and low maintenance costs with pallet trucks to handle your most demanding tasks.

Browse the Electric Pallet Jacks for Sale From Burns Industrial Equipment

Choose Burns Industrial Equipment to get pallet jacks you can rely on for many jobs to come. We understand the demands of your industry’s work environment, and we do our best to provide the perfect solutions for your operation’s requirements.

Whatever tasks you’re handling at your facility, you can work with us to find the right equipment for the job. We’re dedicated to offering dependable products and attentive, personalized service for each of our customers.

To find out more about how we can equip you for your warehouse operations, connect with our team today.