Burns Industrial Equipment is excited to announce our new Fleet Management Customer Platform. Our exclusive software platform offers the most data-rich fleet management service available on the market. Burns Fleet can now offer our clients real-time data, unlike any other provider.

“Burns Fleet allows our clients to customize the data they track to fit their operations’ unique circumstances and requirements,” said Justin Anderson, Burns Fleet Operations Manager. “Having critical equipment down or not being properly utilized can affect the bottom line. Whatever data points you need to make informed decisions, we can capture that data. Our job is to help you ‘right-size’ your fleet and eliminate inefficiencies”.

Procuring vehicles and hiring drivers is expensive, to say the least. Spotting inefficiencies in your fleet and fixing those problems are key to making sure your business stays profitable. The Burns Fleet platform provides in-depth information to allow you to calculate the ROI on every truck.

Loads of Features and Functions

One unique platform feature includes access to all invoices related to each truck. Invoices are categorized by serial number in the platform and can be viewed and downloaded. This eliminates the need to go back to another platform to search for invoices and reconcile expenses. Burns Fleet is both desktop and mobile-enabled, which is convenient for operators to use. Each truck has a scannable QR code. The QR code can be scanned on a smartphone or tablet to open the platform. Operators can order a part, schedule service, or track an invoice.

Another exclusive feature is the ability to set alarms. For example, if you want to put a spending limit on service or parts, we can do it. You can also set alerts to prevent truck overuse, track tire usage, schedule planned maintenance, and more.

Burns Fleet has the resources, highly-trained professionals, and the only software platform in the industry to provide insight to lower your total cost of ownership. Our goal is to allow you to do your job better. Ensure your fleet is at its peak performance–contact us today. If you’d like a short virtual demo or have any questions, please contact Justin Anderson at 412-298-1829 or janderson@burnslift.com.

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