The Importance of Daily Forklift Operator Checks

Your forklift and its operator play a vital role in your operations — one that requires focus, knowledge and care every day. You know that with any heavy machinery, you must ensure it’s in good working order to maintain safety protocols. The best way to do that is to perform daily forklift or lift truck operator checks.

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we know how important a well-checked machine is to keep your business moving. That’s why we’ve made the forklift operator checklist you need to prepare your equipment for another day of work.

What to Look for During Forklift Operator Checks

The moment your team enters the workspace, they should complete these checks first. There are two steps to your daily forklift operator check — visual checks, which ensure the environment is safe, and operational checks, which test the mechanics of your machinery. 

During visual checks, look for:

  • Cleanliness: Make sure there is no excess grease, oil or lint that could interrupt operations.
  • The forklift’s exterior: Inspect the machine from wheels to lift. Are there any damaged or missing bolts, chains, forks or hose reels? Do you see any fluid leaks? What are the lift’s battery, oil and fuel levels?
  • Operator safeguards: You must also ensure your operator will be safe. First, confirm that the overhead space allows the lift to move freely. Then, test the seatbelt and horn and check that the fire extinguisher is in place.

Once everything looks safe visually, a certified forklift operator can move forward to check operational hazards, including the:

  • Dash control panel: Are there any flashing lights that indicate concerns? Does the forklift sound off? Are there any odd movements or jerking? If you answer “yes” to any of these, turn off the machine and contact a technician before using it.
  • Moving mechanisms: Check that the lifting and tilting mechanisms move only as your operator directs them to.
  • Brakes: See that both the parking and foot break bring your machine to a smooth, steady stop.

Good Work Starts With Good Forklifts

A daily forklift check is meant to keep your team working and using equipment the way it was designed for. That starts with securing the best forklifts and heavy machinery for any job. 

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we take pride in our forklifts and being one of the top new, used and rental forklift suppliers throughout Western Pennsylvania, Northeast Ohio and West Virginia. If your forklift inspection goes awry, call us for immediate replacement from your local supplier.

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