JCB equipment

A trusted name around construction sites since 1945, JCB Equipment manufactures a diverse range of construction equipment to handle all aspects of your job. From backhoes and excavators to soil compactors and skid steers, Burns carries a wide range of JCB construction equipment to meet your needs.

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JCB Technology & Features

Innovative thinking and a commitment to efficient, safe design sets JCB’s line of construction equipment apart. Their heavy-duty excavators, efficient skid steers, and powerful soil compactors all meet the same high level of quality.

Burns Industrial Equipment not only carries new and used construction equipment from JCB, we also offer all the parts, services, and technical support you need to keep your fleet in peak operation. Contact one of our full-service dealerships today to see how we can help.

Equipment Financing

Burns Industrial Equipment offers a complete program of flexible and competitive retail finance plans. Once we have helped you select the correct equipment, we can also assist you in choosing the best plan for your financial requirements.

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