Burns Industrial Equipment Rental & Leasing

Whether you need a short-term rental truck to meet peak production, or you simply prefer the flexibility of a long-term lease, Burns has you covered. Renting means no large cash outlay, no additional debt, maximum tax benefits, same day delivery, and flexible options to help you supplement your fleet for the day, month, season, or year. With Burns Industrial Equipment’s lift truck rental fleet, you’ll find everything you need to meet your company’s individual needs—without breaking the bank.

The Many Benefits of Renting

  • No large cash outlays
  • No additional debt on the balance sheet
  • Maximum tax benefits
  • Same day delivery
  • Short- or long-term
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Popular Rental Equipment

Why Choose Burns Industrial Equipment?

Our rental fleet includes a large selection of forklifts, high-capacity lift trucks, sweepers and scrubbers, aerial work platforms, construction equipment and specialty warehouse equipment.

Inventory & Financing

We offer fair credit policies and competitive rates through NMHG Financial services so that you can grow your business without spending all of your money on a huge initial investment. Call us today at 1-888-768-4844 to discuss your options and don’t forget to check out our special offers!

Service & Maintenance

Burns Industrial Equipment offers full maintenance agreements, operational maintenance, and field service from one of our 90 field technicians so that you can keep your fleet functional. Whether you’re looking for lubrication, a vital systems check, tire service, or battery maintenance, we can help you get your fleet back to 100%.


If you’re looking to rent or lease a forklift, choose from one of our rental locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, or Maryland. In addition to our large inventory, we’re staffed by a knowledgeable team who can help you choose the right equipment for your needs.