Fleet Management

Focusing on core business... improving operational efficiency… eliminating repair and maintenance worries... saving money.

Those are just some of the reasons that many of the area's largest and most demanding manufacturing and distribution companies outsource their fleet operations to Burns Industrial Equipment. Ready to turn your materials handling operations over to a pro? Go with the market leader.

Call us for a Free Consultation and start saving 15% on your operation. Our analysis includes:

  • Fleet cost per hour
  • Fleet utilization
  • Fleet cash flow analysis
  • Recommendations for restructuring
  • Anticipated savings and ROI calculations
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Fleet Management

Why Outsource Fleet Management?

Years of conducting our Fleet Management Analysis in dozens of industries have shown that many companies have more trucks than they need – which can mean wasted money, time, and resources. We bring years of experience, world-class data, and industry standard benchmarks to make sure your organization is running at its most efficient.

Your Business Isn’t Just Material Handling

Material handling is just one of the many tools you need to run your company, but it shouldn't take the focus away from your core business. Fortunately, fleet management is what we do. Putting the focus back on your core business will make you more competitive, profitable and successful in the long run – so let us worry about your lift truck fleet.

Forklift Operator Training

<p>Burns Industrial Equipment offers forklift operator training programs to help you maintain the highest safety standards at your organization.</p>

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