Make Safety a Priority with Warehouse Safety Equipment

Warehouse safety products are essential in protecting employees against health and safety risks while at work. There is a wide range of products for your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant. Products include emergency wash stations, antifatigue mats, barrier rails, bollards, column protectors, wire partitions, traffic visibility mirrors, and handrails. In warehouse environments where there is a constant flow of traffic and the movement of heavy machinery and equipment, safety equipment is vital. Safety products help to create a safe working environment for employees and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. By using warehouse safety products, you can ensure that your employees are protected against potential risks while they are working.

Forklift Fall Protection: To protect warehouse workers from falls, OSHA Fall Protection standards require a restraint (such as a guard rail) or Operator fall protection. In all cases, a full body harness is required. At ABC warehouse, we stock a variety of fall protection equipment to keep our workers safe. We have retractable and energy-absorbing tethers, as well as complete guardrail systems. Remember to replace all of our fall protection equipment every five years to ensure that it meets the latest safety standards.

Forklift Safety Lights: In any work environment, forklift safety is of the utmost importance. These powerful machines can cause serious damage if not operated correctly, and it is essential that both forklift operators and pedestrians be able to see them clearly. One way to improve forklift visibility is to add additional illumination in the form of warning lights. These lights can be mounted on the forklift itself or on the surrounding area, and they help to draw attention to the forklift's presence. In environments with high levels of pedestrian traffic and ambient noise, warning lights can be especially effective in preventing accidents. Blue spot and red zone lights are two of the most popular types of forklift safety lights, and they are used extensively in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Thanks to their low cost and high level of effectiveness, forklift safety lights are an excellent way to improve workplace safety.

Forklift Impact Monitors:  By alerting forklift operators of potential collisions, these devices help to prevent vehicle damage, product damage, and operator injuries. In addition, forklift alarms help to increase driver accountability by making it easier for supervisors to identify and correct unsafe driving behavior. By investing in forklift impact monitors, businesses can save money on vehicle maintenance and downtime, product damage, racking and facility damage, and operator downtime and injury. Learn more about how the Blaxtair pedestrian detection system is revolutionizing industrial and commercial workplaces using forklifts, making a huge difference in improving workplace safety.

Warehouse Barriers and Guards: Not only do you need to protect your employees from potential hazards, but you also need to safeguard your inventory from damage. One way to do this is by installing warehouse barriers and guards. Guardrails can help to prevent falls, while handrails can provide extra support when climbing stairs or navigating slippery areas. Bollards can also be used to block off dangerous areas or protect sensitive equipment.

Forklift Barriers and Guards: We offer a wide variety of forklift barriers and guards to help keep your equipment safe. Our selection includes load backrests, rear operator guards, platform barriers, rear vertical posts, and bumper guards. Whether you're looking for a simple guard to protect your forklift's operator from falling objects or you need a more comprehensive system to protect your entire forklift, we have the perfect solution for you.



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