Yale Reliant™

Yale Reliant™ is an operator assistance technology that takes operator awareness to the next level. By automatically adjusting truck performance based on real-time information, this innovative suite helps improve warehouse safety, increase operator awareness and reinforce best practices.

This industry-first warehouse technology suite keeps the operator in control while doing more than just alerting them to potential hazards. Unlike other operator assistance technologies, Yale Reliant proactively intervenes to help operators avoid forklift accidents. Truck performance shifts smoothly based on equipment status and operating conditions like instability, obstacles or location. In addition to feeling the changes, operators receive a notice on the display screen explaining the reason for the adjustments.

Multiple Sensors for Improved Operator Awareness

Yale Reliant is a powerful tool for enhancing operator awareness. Its sensors and software continuously track the truck's stability, load and location while simultaneously monitoring for pedestrians, equipment and other objects. Based on this real-time information, the tech suite limits equipment performance while notifying the operator and keeping them in control.

  • Advanced dynamic stability (ADS): Yale Reliant continuously monitors the truck's center of gravity and load stability. It controls hydraulic functions and travel speed to maintain stability and reduce the risk of tip-overs. The system automatically limits performance to ensure smooth load movement and travel. It can adjust lift, lower, tilt and reach functions to help prevent load pitching or stop hydraulic function if a load exceeds the maximum allowed weight.
  • Real-time location sensing: Location information enables warehouses to set rules for performance in specific zones. For example, trucks can slow down automatically near the ends of aisles or be restricted from entering pedestrian-only zones. Yale Reliant also controls truck speed if it detects people or other equipment, only allowing following at a safe distance or reducing speed in high-pedestrian areas.
  • Object and proximity detection: Yale Reliant uses LiDAR sensors and ultra-wideband technology to automatically adjust to what's ahead or nearby, such as objects or people within the line of sight or that carry system tags. It adjusts the truck's performance to allow operators time to react. These sensors also inform the ADS, helping maintain stability.

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