High-capacity forklifts

When you need to lift the heaviest loads at your work site or facility, you need a high-capacity forklift. These forklifts offer top-tier lifting performance, allowing companies to pick up and transport incredibly heavy loads. Since you can find several types of forklifts on the market, it’s critical to understand how high-capacity forklifts differ from standard varieties and recognize some of the top high-capacity forklift options available today.

Find out more about what high-capacity forklifts are and the main types that you can purchase. You might also want to know about heavy-duty forklifts’ lifting capacity and some answers to frequently asked questions about them.

What Is a High-Capacity Forklift?

Sometimes referred to as a heavy-duty forklift, a high-capacity forklift is a type of forklift designed to handle heavy loads. These forklifts offer more lifting capacity than standard forklifts, allowing companies to lift and transport heavy loads around a work site or facility.

Types of High-Capacity Forklifts

When you’re looking for a heavy-duty forklift, you’ll often have the choice between those with electric engines and those with internal combustion engines. Knowing how these types of heavy-duty forklifts differ can help you make the best investment possible. Learn more about the two main high-capacity forklift types below:

Internal Combustion Engines

Some of the most common types of heavy-duty forklifts are those constructed with internal combustion engines. These engines tend to run on gas or diesel and usually offer the highest lifting capacities. Since they run on fuel, forklifts with internal combustion engines are usually only used outdoors, as the fumes they produce can be dangerous to people indoors.

Electric Engine

Forklifts with electric engines are another primary type of high-capacity forklift. Unlike forklifts with an internal combustion engine that uses fuel, electric engine forklifts run on electricity. Since they utilize electricity rather than gas or diesel and don’t produce dangerous emissions, companies often employ them in indoor facilities.

Top High-Capacity Forklifts

As you search for the right high-capacity forklift for your needs, Yale and Hyster forklifts are excellent options. Find out more about the top heavy-duty forklifts available today:

  • GP190-280DF: Yale’s GP190-280DF forklift is a powerful heavy-duty forklift meant for working outdoors. It has a lifting capacity of 19,000-28,000 pounds and has a maximum load height of 275 feet. One of the primary draws of this model is its on-demand hydraulic system, as it can lower fuel consumption by 10%, resulting in significant savings.
  • GP300-360EF: Another top outdoor lifting option from Yale is the GP300-360EF forklift. This piece of equipment has a lifting capacity of 21,000-36,000 pounds and a maximum load height of 275 feet. The GP300-360EF runs on a turbo diesel engine, providing users with exceptional fuel economy and performance. Yale designed this forklift with operator comfort in mind, helping users stay comfortable and focused throughout the workday.
  • H400-450HD/S: The H400-450HD/S forklift from Hyster is a premier outdoor forklift that runs on diesel. The forklift has a lifting capacity of 40,500-45,000 pounds and a maximum load height of 275 feet. Eco-conscious companies love how this Hyster forklift features an emission reduction package with cooled exhaust gas recirculation. It also has various fuel-saving features, such as its ECO eLo mode and Idle Management System.
  • H800-1050HD/S: Another great option from Hyster is the H800-1050HD/S forklift. This diesel-powered outdoor forklift has an automatic throttle-up designed to automatically respond to an operator’s lift inputs, ensuring the equipment operates at the ideal speed. The forklift also features an ergonomic design, coming with soft-touch mini levers, three-way adjustable seats and six-way adjustable armrests.
  • J230-360XD, J360XD36-48: The J230-360, J360XD36-48 is one of the most popular types of Hyster high capacity electric lift trucks. These models feature an integrated 350-volt lithium-ion power source that delivers longer life and greater performance throughout their charge cycles. Their robust design also gives operators the chance to lift between 19,000-36,000 pounds. In addition to their exceptional power and battery performance, they also come with incredibly comfortable XD Series operator cabs that have an ergonomic design, all-around visibility and a full-color screen.
  • Pegasus Elite – Electric: When you need to lift heavy loads in an indoor facility, such as a warehouse, the Pegasus Elite – Electric by Yale is the premier choice. This electric forklift has a lifting capacity of 20,000-40,000 pounds, exceptional stability and outstanding maneuverability. Its standard knuckle steering gives the machine a tighter turn radius, and it uses a large tank to replace a cooling system. The forklift’s stacked counterweights and steel frame gives the machine greater stability and durability. 
  • Pegasus Elite – ICE: An exceptional outdoor option that Yale offers is the Pegasus Elite – ICE. Unlike the electric Pegasus Elite model, this model runs on an internal combustion engine and has a lifting capacity of 20,000-50,000 pounds. Many companies enjoy using this forklift for its versatility, as it has multiple fork, mast and carriage combination options. The mast also has a wide, upright spread, providing operators with more precise and easy load spotting.

High-Capacity Forklift Capacities

One of the most important specs of any forklift is its capacity, as it refers to the amount of weight the forklift can lift safely. Like you might expect, high-capacity forklifts have a higher lift capacity than other forklifts on the market. The lifting capacity of the heavy-duty forklifts we offer at Burns Industrial Equipment starts at 19,000 pounds and goes up to 105,000 pounds. You can generally expect high-capacity forklifts to have lifting capacities in the same ranges we offer.

Frequently Asked High-Capacity Forklift Questions

When you’re looking for the right high-capacity forklift for your needs, you may have a few questions. Review answers to some of the most frequently asked high-capacity forklift questions below:

How much can a forklift lift? 

The weight a forklift can lift is determined by its design and time. A smaller forklift may only have the power to lift 3,000 pounds, while a heavy-duty forklift could be designed to lift over 100,000 pounds. Since a forklifts’ lifting capacity can vary widely, you’ll want to check this specification before you make a purchase.

What is the biggest forklift in the world? 

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the biggest forklift in the world as a Swedish-made forklift built in 1991. This forklift can lift up to 198,000 pounds and features a 7.87 feet load center.

What is the heaviest a forklift can lift?

 Currently, the heaviest a forklift can lift is 198,000 pounds. However, most standard high-capacity forklifts will have a maximum lifting capacity of around 40,000 to 100,000 pounds.

What are the biggest forklifts called? 

Large forklifts are typically called high-capacity or heavy-duty forklifts. 

Find the Right Forklift at Burns Industrial Equipment

At Burns Industrial Equipment, we regularly provide our customers with high-capacity forklifts designed to handle their heaviest needs. When you turn to us for your heavy-duty forklift needs, you can expect to receive exceptional customer service and a team ready to help you find the perfect forklift. Alongside our high-capacity forklifts, we also offer a wide selection of new forklifts and other industrial equipment. Additionally, you can invest in used equipment or purchase rental equipment for short-term lifting requirements, giving you plenty of flexibility.

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