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Forklifts are serious industrial tools that, when used safely, improve productivity in warehouses and other industrial settings. To pursue a career as a forklift driver in Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, you’ll need certain skills and qualifications. Forklift certification courses provide the overviews and assessments necessary for safe, efficient forklift operation. This post will discuss what you need to do to become a certified forklift driver in your region. 

Is Forklift Training Required?

Forklift training every three years is a requirement for any operator in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all operators undergo training and evaluation under 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(6). Employees should hold certificates containing their name, the date of their training, the date of their evaluation and the name of the trainer. 

What Kind of Forklift Training Do I Need? 

The training you take will depend on the type of forklift you intend to operate. OSHA establishes seven forklift classifications, so take courses that cover the vehicles you will operate. OSHA’s forklift classifications include: 

  1. Electric motor rider trucks
  2. Electric motor narrow aisle trucks
  3. Electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks
  4. Internal combustion engine trucks (solid/cushion tires)
  5. Internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic tires)
  6. Electric and internal combustion engine tractors
  7. Rough terrain forklift trucks

What Does Training Cover? 

Forklift operator training will teach you how to use vehicles representing different classifications. These courses also cover crucial safety topics that prevent injury to the operator and pedestrians working near the vehicles. You’ll train in the following areas and more: 

  • Vehicle operation
  • Steering and handling
  • Operating on ramps and slopes 
  • Operating on different surfaces or in hazardous conditions
  • Accommodating weight through load manipulation 

What Are My Training Options?

Forklift certification courses are available in person and online. In either case, you or your employer will register for a course, then attend lectures on important operation and safety topics. Online and in-person courses both end with an evaluation, during which you’ll display the skills you’ve learned. 

In-person certification courses offer opportunities for hands-on training and real-time demonstrations. Most in-person courses take place over a day or two. Online courses offer the conveniences of remote learning on your schedule. 

Pursue Forklift Certification With Burns Industrial Equipment

All forklift operators must obtain a certificate and renew it every three years, so register for a course in your area. Burns Industrial Equipment offers forklift certification training either at your location or at our facilities in Warrendale, Pennsylvania and Macedonia, Ohio. Our in-person training sessions provide the most immersive learning experience so that you’re ready to perform at your best. Burns also offers Train the Trainer courses for companies that already have a forklift training program available and require the trainer to receive additional training and certification to ensure OSHA compliance requirements. We invite you to register for a course today!

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