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Equipment Categories

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CM-1258Y-SD Concrete Mixer (Diesel)

Toro CM-1258Y-SD Concrete Mixer (Diesel)

CM-658H-S Concrete Mixer GX240

Toro CM-658H-S Concrete Mixer GX240

CM-958H-P Concrete Mixer GX240

Toro CM-958H-P Concrete Mixer GX240

CM-958H-PED Concrete Mixer GX240 EndDump

Toro CM-958H-PED Concrete Mixer GX240 EndDump

CM-958H-S Concrete Mixer GX240

Toro CM-958H-S Concrete Mixer GX240

CM-958H-SED Concrete Mixer GX240 EndDump

Toro CM-958H-SED Concrete Mixer GX240 EndDump

Dingo® 320-D

Toro Dingo® 320-D

Dingo® 323

Toro Dingo® 323

Dingo® TX 1000 Wide Track

Toro Dingo® TX 1000 Wide Track

Dingo® TX 427 – Wide Track

Toro Dingo® TX 427 – Wide Track

Dingo® TX 427 Narrow Track

Toro Dingo® TX 427 Narrow Track

Dingo® TX 525 Narrow Track

Toro Dingo® TX 525 Narrow Track

Toro Dingo®

Use this high-strength compact utility loader for multiple applications. Our Toro Dingo models have intuitive controls, allowing operators to get to work with minimal training. Much of this equipment offers features like:

  • Two speeds
  • Durable hood
  • Advanced hydraulic system
  • 4-Paw® four-wheel drive
  • Quick Attach System™ for more than 35 attachments

Toro Dingo® TX 1000

Designed with Toro exclusive vertical lift loader arms, the Toro Dingo TX 1000 is capable of lifting 1,000 lbs of category crushing performance. It features an increased reach at the full height of 81″ ensures maximum jobsite productivity. Available in narrow and wide track with traction control design to be intuitive and easy to operate for effortless all-day productivity.

Toro Dingo® TXL 2000

No need for separate machines to unload, haul, dig and place material; the TXL 2000 can do it all. With the benefits of a compact utility loader, mini-excavator and compact track loader rolled into one piece of equipment, it’s a smart solution that’s in a category of its own. For the Toro Dingo TXL 2000, we have both the telescoping and non-telescoping versions. These machines are rated to work at over 2,000 pounds. Both versions have a stand-on platform for operators. Operators love the outstanding reach and lift height, maneuverability, and 360-degree visibility.

Toro Pro Sneak 365 Vibratory Plow

The Pro Sneak is a compact, powerful vibratory plow that can bury PVC pipe, cable, utility lines, and more up to 24″ deep without damaging turf. The Pro Sneak is a ride-on plow that is compact in size, allowing it to fit through a 36″ gate.

Toro e-Dingo® 500 Wheeled

Get the best of the Toro Dingo equipment in an all-electric format. This machine is designed for indoor use and has a maximum capacity of 515 pounds. The e-Dingo can use all 35 of the Dingo line attachments, allowing for exceptional versatility.

Toro TRX Walk-Behind Trenchers

TRX walk-behind trenchers are more powerful than ever. The lineup includes three models that combine outstanding maneuverability with optimized hydraulic performance and easy-to-use controls.

Concrete Mixers

We have several Toro heavy-duty concrete mixers. These models are easily towable and have side-dumping capabilities as well as a reinforced cowl housing the engine to provide ventilation and protection. We also have units with the option of end dumping. Toro concrete mixers offer peak efficiency for individuals working in the concrete and masonry industry.

Toro Mud Buggy

Load concrete with ease with one of the Toro Mud Buggies. These machines are easy to use and come with several beneficial features such as a ride-on platform.

Toro Mortar Mixer

Use a high-powered Toro Mortar Mixer to prep mortar for any application. You can choose from eight models of the easy-to-use Toro Mortar Mixer, giving you plenty of options to find the one that works best for your business.

Toro Power Trowel

Toro Power Trowels are valuable machines for finishing a basement or garage floor. We carry four models of this equipment, all of which come with a patented Dyna-Clutch. This feature allows you to stop the blades without cutting the engine. The handle is adjustable to accommodate the operator’s height.

Toro Stump Grinder

We carry multiple sizes of the Toro Stump Grinder series. The smaller units in this line of Toro landscaping equipment are easy to operate and ideal for tackling lighter undergrowth. For bigger, more intensive jobs, you might consider one of the two larger Toro machines. These models work well for more challenging applications, such as tree removal on a hillside.

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