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Equipment Categories

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Bendi B3/30AC


Bendi B30AC/B40AC


Bendi B40AC-DR/B50AC-DR


Bendi B40AC-HL/B50AC-HL


Bendi B40i5


Bendi B40VAC


Bendi B55AC

ME 10 AC

Mariotti ME 10 AC


Mariotti ME 10C AC

ME 12 AC

Mariotti ME 12 AC


Mariotti ME 8C AC


Mariotti MINI 4

Optimize Your Work With a Narrow Aisle Forklift
With the right equipment, you can handle the operations at your factory, warehouse or another facility more efficiently. Getting the right equipment is a long-term investment in your facility’s productivity and efficiency levels. High-quality lift trucks can increase your overall production rates while reducing the time needed to complete tasks, optimizing your work on several different levels.

Some of the benefits you’ll experience when you buy a narrow aisle forklift include:

Productivity: With a narrow aisle forklift to optimize your facility operations, you can work efficiently even in hard-to-navigate spaces. Having this equipment will help you get more done in a workday.
Performance: With a capacity of 3,000 to 3,500 pounds, our narrow aisle forklifts are powerful enough to handle challenging tasks smoothly and efficiently.
Durability: This tough equipment is built for long service life, so it can withstand heavy use and keep working at optimal levels for the long term.
Cost-efficiency: The right forklift equipment lets you handle more loads in less time, cutting down your operational costs for time and labor.

We Sell New Narrow Aisle Forklifts From Industry Leaders
When you’re working in confined areas, we have the solutions to make space management more effective in your facility. We have a range of high-performance equipment available from leading brands. The narrow aisle forklifts we have for sale have many special features to optimize your operations, including advanced mobility and maneuverability, the latest technology and enhanced features for operator comfort and safety.

With our Yale® narrow aisle forklifts for sale, you can increase your productivity for a variety of different jobs. If you’re operating in a high-density space, our narrow aisle forklifts are an ideal solution to help you store more stock-keeping units (SKUs) in your facility.

We also have Hyster® narrow aisle forklifts available to help you handle jobs more efficiently. Our equipment offerings allow you to optimize your storage capacity and increase retrieving efficiency for high-density, highly demanding operations.
Ask About Our Brand-Name Narrow Aisle Forklifts for Sale
Burns Industrial Equipment is here to help you meet your operational needs throughout your facility. We offer a wide selection of forklifts, batteries, parts and other equipment you need to complete tasks with excellent productivity every day. We strive to meet all our customers’ requirements with integrity, expert assistance and reliable products for every job. Whatever you need, we are committed to providing the best solution for your facility.

If you’re ready to invest in dependable narrow aisle forklifts for your operations, get started by contacting us for more information.